The Plan

The Plan : Take London!

1. Occupy Hyde Park!

In the Dual Power / Resist 26 meeting of the 26th Feb, it was agreed that Hyde Park although not a political target is the best place to unify people and gain the maximum amount of support from the TUC marchers. Many people will be skipping the march to set up things at Hyde Park (Marble Arch Corner) and make things comfortable.

2. At 2:11pm take over, strike, occupy, release all hell.

It was agreed that a synchronised signal would stretch police more making harder to kettle different groups at the same time also the maximum amount of people will be around Whitehall at around 2pm. With plenty more to still pass Parliament. Therefore 2:11pm (easy to remember because of 2011) is the moment to strike!

Everyone will set up areas of autonomous resistance, where each individual or group can engage in whatever sort of protest they want, or just have a good dance.

Equipment required: smoke flares, foghorns, football rattles, paintbombs, air raid sirens, megaphones, kettles, camping stoves, quick cuppa tea, blitz spirit!

3. Take the Pentacle of five points!

Occupy the following zones and make them into outposts of resistance in a wider area of London.

The points are as follows:

  1. Parliament Square
  2. Trafalgar Square
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Piccadilly Circus
  5. Hilton Hyde Park

More information coming soon.